If you have Native American ancestors then you know it is a real challenge to find reliable documentation and unless your family was awesome at keeping photos that might be a daunting task as well.  If you have the story, it may be all you ever have but it shouldn’t go when you do.  If you’ve turned over every stone and all you have is the story then make the best of it.

The April Mixology at GDS might be just what you need.  As soon as I saw the colors I knew which direction I was going.  I was inspired by my own family history and re-runs of great John Wayne westerns, Little House On The Prairie, and Bonanza danced in my head.  I knew I wanted to create a collection that focused on Native American culture but I couldn’t quite let go of the immigrant who came and weathered storms to make a better life.

One of the beautiful things about being a designer is I don’t have to choose only one.  I fed my Native American inspiration and then partnered with Patty to create the immigrant version for Over The Fence Designs.

Both sets are based on late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  Both set coordinate beautifully so you can easily mix and match.  Both sets are on sale right now for only $1.20 each for a short time.



Awesome Inspiration by the ADB Designs  & Over The Fence Designs Creative Team

Do you have Native American Ancestors?  What has been your biggest challenge in trying to document their story?  Did you give up or are you still committed to your search?