Time Traveler – The First Mega In My Heritage Scrappers Series

This weekend I am in Illinois on a genealogy jaunt.  The McClenning side of my family and especially my grandmother insists we have Irish roots.  I’ve yet to find an Irish immigrant other than a Canadian back in 1813.  Our family roots go back before the first American by birth and I’ve made it my mission to connect the dots, to prove unequivocally, by way of documentation, whatever the “truth” is.  The interesting thing about genealogy is there is rarely a straight line to any piece of the family puzzle.  I suppose that is one reason some people abandon the search early on and choose to work forward.  There have been days I was certain I would just leave those ancestors alone and pass the job of hunting them down to someone else but for those of us who can’t get past our curiosity, those moments pass quickly.

You KNOW you are a genealogist when the last conversation of the day, the last thought that goes through your mind, the first thing you think about the following morning, is “What did I miss?”.  Some days you just have to move to another branch or another tree altogether, but when finding your roots is part of who you are, you always find your way back to that one piece of information and you take another look or in this case, another trip.   You travel where you need to go to try to “prove it”.  This weekend I’m on a “proving” mission.  Wish me luck!



Time Traveler is the first Mega Collection in my Heritage Scrappers series.  The palette definitely has a feminine flair with splashes of pinks, mauves, and light greens but take those out and you’ve got the foundation of a vintage kit that has a little something for any page style.  Members of my Heritage Scrappers Monthly Club received this Mega along with some bonus genealogy tools back in September.  Each month members receive a new Mega Collection with Bonuses at a 63% – 82% discount.  This Mega Collection, (and the bonuses) are still available to anyone who joins the Heritage Scrappers Club (HSC) before November 1st.  HSC is a membership plan for avid genealogy scrappers but you’ll always be able to get the Mega the following month in my stores at a 55% introductory discount for two weeks.  The bonuses will be sold separately at some point in the future at a 30% discount.

You can see the individual plans here.


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