The Storyteller – A Gorgeous Collection For All Family Stories

As parent, grandparents, aunts, uncles … we are storytellers. We tell our story, our ancestor’s stories, and we tell the story of everyday life today, as it happens. Storytelling is a unique, and necessary, human activity. The most important stories do more than entertain or chronical events. The most important and universal stories are the stuff of legend and myth.

The storyteller uses multiple ways to convey the story: written word, dance, spoken word, music, painting, sculpture, drama, photography and more … used either singly or in combination. As scrapbookers we are lucky, we get to convey our stories and we also get to tell the story of other storytellers!

My main collection is about storytelling from the adult perspective and my add-on collection focuses more on children and their stories.

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Layout Inspiration Made With The Storyteller

I would love to see your pages made with The Storyteller.  Post them on my Facebook Page and you might win a gift.

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