The Road Not Taken Lead Me On A New Journey

I’ve been contemplating how to share the news that I will be turning off my personal shop at the end of the year.  It is funny how one thing can have such a profound effect on our future.  As a subscriber, you may remember a few months ago when I shared that my daughter and grand-daughter decided to leave the U.S.  I suppose, looking back, that was the “thing” that started the ball rolling.  As I was creating The Road Not Taken, hundreds of thoughts about the many choices we make in life crossed my mind.  

I love all of my stores.  Each is unique in its own way.  If you tried to shop in my personal store this week, you may have been greeted by a tacky page telling you that my account had been suspended.  As a store owner, this is NOT how you want to start your day.  It seems my “little shop” has simply grown too big for my hosting plan.  It was time to make a choice.  On one hand it was difficult. is my baby.  I want to hold on tight.  On the other hand, I am in some of the best digital scrapbooking stores on the planet.  Life is good.  Roads were made for journeys, NOT Destinations.  I am starting a new journey but not without going out with a BANG to show my appreciation to all of you who have supported my ADB Shop over the last few years.  

Watch my Facebook Page and newsletter for the Big Store Closing Announcement later this week.

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Layout Inspiration for The Road Not Taken

Digital Scrapbook Layout made with The Road Not Taken

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