Scrap Your Masculine Photos With Lumberjack

The rugged outdoor’s men of the North American logging industry worked tirelessly to cut timber and move it to the markets where it was needed to build homes and businesses in the US and Canada. In Australia they were known as Timbercutters and did their work in much the same way as their North American counterparts. “Lumberjack” was acknowledged to be the “most dangerous job” and they lived away from home in lumber camps during the cutting season. The lumberjack (and very occasional lumberjill) did not have the benefit of today’s power tools; they cut the forests and moved the logs with hand tools and brawn. Many immigrants from Europe’s northern climates enjoyed success as lumberjacks, just as they had at home in their native countries.

Included in the Lumberjack Bundle by ADB Designs

  • Lumberjack Page Kit
  • Lumberjack Clusters
  • Lumberjack Masks
  • Lumberjack Blendables
  • Lumberjack Borders
  • Lumberjack Scenic Papers
  • Lumberjack Solid Papers

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Lumberjack is on Sale for 30% – 55% off through 11/24/19 in these stores

Heritage Scrappers Resources

Lumberjack is on Sale for 30% – 55% off through 11/24/19 in these stores

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