Choose Your News!

I don’t know about you but I am pretty protective when it comes to handing out my email address.  Email is probably my preferred method of communication.  Unlike Messenger or my social media inbox, I can easily search my vast collection of emails and usually find what I’m looking for pretty quickly.  Some might call that lazy.  I choose to use think of it as efficient.  You know, working smarter instead of harder.  

I like to be able to get through my email quickly.  It’s not efficient if I have to scroll 40 images to make sure I see everything.  I thought I was the only one who preferred shorter emails but I did a poll with some of my long-time subscribers and most of them felt the same.  

I changed the service I use to deliver emails to my newsletter subscribers in June of 2019.  After almost 10 years with MailChimp, I took the leap and tested a new service that offers a better variety of options for images and some cool bells and whistles like adding a recent Facebook post or short survey to emails.

What I like most though, is the ability to allow you to choose what you want to receive by simply updating your preferences.  Here is a simple explanation for each of the email groups.  Want one email a week?  Choose the Saturday Morning News.  Want to make sure you don’t miss my $2 Tuesday or Daily Deals?  Choose the Time Sensitive box on your subscriber form.  

Going on vacation?  Taking a short sabbatical?  You can update your preferences at any time to reduce your inbox overflow.  


My Saturday newsletters are packed full of scrapbooking goodness!  You’ll get a recap of my new releases, store sales, gifts, and my current coupons.  What you won’t see is the full line up of creative team layouts or product previews.  I try to give you just enough for you to decide if you like it.  You can always see the extra images and layouts on my blog and on the bundle preview in my stores.

New release gifts are available for short time (usually 30 days) so be sure to grab them when you see them or you’ll have to wait for the encore.  

If you want just one email per week, choose the Saturday Newsletter option in your subscriber preferences.

Deals With Deadlines

Love getting the best deals?  I almost always have a few products included in the $2 Tuesday Deals at My Memories, Gingerscraps, and theStudio.  You can save a bundle on these deals but only on Tuesday.  

theStudio also offers a Daily Deal each day where you can save 70% on 3 personal use products and 60% on 1 commercial use product.  I usually get a spot about every 6 weeks. 😉  

My Memories features 2 gifts each week from a variety of designers.  These change each Monday so you have a little extra time and you can always find the current products in this note on my Facebook Page or on this page on the blog. 

Want to get the Super Deals delivered straight to your inbox?  Simply update your preferences.  You can change your mind at any time.  

Digital Scrapbooking Special Events

There are 3 BIG EVENTS in the digital scrapbooking world that get us all excited and cause us to go a little overboard.  

National Scrapbook Day (NSD or iNSD)

NSD is always the first weekend in May.  We celebrate with huge discounts, flash sales, challenges, chats, and so much more. 

Digital Scrapbooking Day (DSD)

DSD is always the first weekend in October.  The celebration is deals are similar to NSD.  

Black Friday Weekend (BF)

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S.  and we party hard. 🙂

This extra activity also generates an abundance of extra emails but we think it’s worth it.  The email frenzy usually runs about 5 days.  I typically try to include every available deal in each newsletter so you can expect some clipping.  The good news is, when the event is over, I go right back to the “regularly scheduled programming”.

To make sure you receive my Event emails, simply update your preferences and check the Events box.