The Apothecary Shoppe Collection by ADB Designs


The Apothecary Shoppe Collection by ADB Designs

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The Apothecary Shoppe is a mix of vintage and new ….inspired by a request:

“an adult-themed Pharmacy kit…Chemistry kit…Science kit…Doctor’s kit. I would like to see the “Rx” symbol that pharmacists use and some molecular models…White lab coats, beakers and test tubes, Bunsen burners, periodic table, bottles filled with different pills, written out prescriptions…”

I think of the changes in medicine and pharmacy, especially in the 100 years from 1860 to 1960, and I am astounded. These elements and papers (and all the extras) allow you to scrap BOTH heritage layouts AND modern layouts. If you have a chemist, pharmacist, physician, scientist, researcher or maybe a patent medicine salesman in your family tree…this is the collection for you! But it is not limited…it is also perfect for capturing the times our ancestors lived in, even if none of those professions appear in your tree.

Included in The Apothecary Shoppe Collection:

All papers and elements are full sized and 300ppi for quality printing results.

Personal Use and Scrap for Hire Friendly

NOTE: There is no white lab coat in the collection. My husband was a professional medical photographer for over 20 years for a large University Medical Center and we do have a plethora of photos of MDs, PharmDs, PhDs, researchers, scientists…in white lab coats…but no picture of a lab coat hanging on the back of a chair or resting on a lab table. But, I have NOT given up….I WILL get a lab coat image I like and I will create a freebie in the future so you all have one too!

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