Swan Song Page Kit

Swan Song Page Kit


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Because of their immaculate white plumage and their strong pair and family bonds, swans have also long served as icons of beauty, devotion and longevity in the myths and folklore of many cultures. Many of the most admired human traits, such as permanent pair-bonding, extended bi-parental care and family cohesion, are biological facts in swans, but the romantic idea of a dying swan uttering a final “swan song” is only folklore.

Swans of considerable beauty and unquestionably wild origins can be seen in my home state, Nebraska. Unlike the virtually silent mute swan, both of the native Nebraska swans have loud, clarion voices that were the historic basis for their English names, whistling swan and trumpeter swan. The smaller whistling swan, now called the tundra swan, has a musical, more soprano-like, voice, while the trumpeter’s is louder and more baritone-like. 1

Page Kit – 6 romantic papers & 57 unique elements (plus one with shadowing for a total of 58)
detailed element list: 1 bead, 1 shadowed bead scatter, 1 gem border (with and without shadowing), 1 lace border, 1 charm, 31 flowers, 8 foliage, 8 frames, 1 hinge, 1 pleated round, 1 postcard, 2 ribbons, 1 swan

All papers and elements are full sized & 300 ppi for quality printing results.
Personal Use & Scrap for Hire friendly.

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1 The Swans of Nebraska by Paul A. Johnsgard