Patriots and Loyalists Sampler by ADB Designs

Patriots and Loyalists Sampler by ADB Designs


This product is included in the Patriots & Loyalists Digital Scrapbook Collection
Heritage Scrappers Monthly Mega – September 2018

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The Revolution is usually portrayed as a conflict between the Patriots and the British. But there is another narrative: the bloody fighting between Americans, a civil war whose savagery shocked even battle-hardened Redcoats and Hessians. As debate and protests evolved into war, mudslinging and rhetorical arguments between Rebels and Tories evolved into tar-and-feathering, house-burning, and lynching. This quote is from, very shocking, but true.

The Patriots & Loyalists Heritage Collection represents these – our ancestors – fighting on both sides passionately for what they believed to be the proper future course for this new land. When the war ended, some Tories returned to England; many fled to Canada and the West Indies — but not all, some Loyalists stayed right where they were, and some moved west and started over. As you research collateral families you may find some of these migrating groups.

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