Fur Trade Frontier Sampler by ADB Designs

Fur Trade Frontier Sampler by ADB Designs


This product is included in the Fur Trade Frontier Digital Scrapbook Collection
Heritage Scrappers Monthly Mega – June 2019

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The fur trade became one of the main economic ventures in North America attracting competition among the French, British, Dutch, Spanish, and Russians. Indeed, in the early history of the United States, capitalizing on this trade, and removing the British stranglehold over it, was seen as a major economic objective. Many Native American societies across the continent came to depend on the fur trade as their primary source of income. By the mid-1800s changing fashions in Europe brought about a collapse in fur prices.

Fur Trade Frontier was the Heritage Scrappers Club selection for June 2019. Though designed with heritage scrappers in mind, this collection, like the others in this series was deliberately created so it may also be used successfully with contemporary photos and with photos that are off topic as well.

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