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I am blessed to live in a quiet small town (near a large metropolitan area) on five quiet, peaceful and stunningly beautiful treed acres. We have an abundance animals and birds living with us here and when I look out my living room windows I watch the cardinals and chickadees at the bird feeders. The cardinals go from the spruces and cedars to the service berry bushes with the bright red berries, to the feeders and back. The chickadees like the oak trees nearest the house, and the leaf cover they provide. From the warmth and comfort of the dining room and library windows I watch the deer, who are hyper alert and always a bit skittish. They like hanging out in the meadow near the white pines, juniper trees and stag horn sumac. The rabbits scamper in the front yard keeping the wild turkeys company. Both have enough sense to stay out of the back where our English setters roam. I hear the owls at night and sometimes they swoop over our heads when walking Gus & Betty. We have both red and black squirrels who fight for control of the walnut trees and the chestnut grove. It is an ongoing war and possession of the nuts is always in contention. There is a red fox we see occasionally and a coyote we sometimes hear. The front of our home faces north; we see many of the storms as they approach. I love all the seasons here, including winter. All of this beauty inspired me as I created these products.


My Memories https://bit.ly/MM-OutMyWindow
theStudio https://bit.ly/DSS-OutMyWindow
ADBDesigns  https://bit.ly/ADB-OutMyWindow

Included in the Out My Window Bundle:

  • Out My Window Elements
  • Out My Window Photo Masks
  • Out My Window Snowflakes
  • Out My Window Quick Pages
  • Out My Window Clusters
  • Out My Window Tonal Papers
  • Out My Window Patterned Papers
  • Out My Window Winter Mix Papers
  • Out My Window Stacked Papers

ADB-OutMyWindow-BUNDLE-600 ADB-OutMyWindow-CLs-600 ADB-OutMyWindow-Masks-600 ADB-OutMyWindow-PKall-600 ADB-OutMyWindow-PKele-600 ADB-OutMyWindow-PKppr-600 ADB-OutMyWindow-QPs-600 ADB-OutMyWindow-Snowflakes-600 ADB-OutMyWindow-Stacked-600 ADB-OutMyWindow-TonalPpr-600 ADB-OutMyWindow-WinterMixPpr-600

here in some wonderful inspiration from my CT

ADB_OutMyWindow_ADB_LO1 ADB_OutMyWindow_Dana_LO1 ADB_OutMyWindow_Dana_LO2 ADB_OutMyWindow_Dana_LO3 ADB_OutMyWindow_LLL_LO1 ADB_OutMyWindow_Mary_LO1 ADB_OutMyWindow_Mary_LO2 ADB_OutMyWindow_Mary_LO3and of course I have some GIFTS for YOU!!

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