If you’ve been following my newsletter or social media lately, you know that I am getting back to my heritage scrapping, genealogy fact finding, roots.  I’m not sure you ever get caught up when you’re researching.  In my case, I am certain that it will be a life long journey and I’m loving every step of the way.  As I browse through old photos, I realize the need for some specific kits.  One Room School by Over The Fence Designs was designed for those old photos of children in laced up boots or maybe even no boots at all.  It is a celebration of the school Marms, with an antique typewriter, bell, and the token apple.  It is full of vintage papers, flowers, stacked antique books, and slate chalkboard.

If you’ve been holding onto group photos of children with their lunches in pails, this might be just what you’re looking for.  We have bonus freebie tags on all of our social media too.  Don’t forget to pick them up and complete your kit or collection.

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