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Hi, I’m Dana.

I have a confession to make.  I love scrapbooking family memories, but I can’t cut a straight line to save my life and my handwriting looks like a doctor writing a prescription. So when I discovered digital scrapbooking, I was “woo hoo! “.  Then I remembered how computer challenged I am too. Learning new programs doesn’t come naturally to me. I need a computer interpreter normally. Sometimes I can understand by just watching a Youtube video but normally I have to have my husband watch also and then show me what they mean. But as I said at the beginning, I looove scrapbooking memories so I did a little research on the easiest programs to use for digital scrapbooking and the My Memories Suite was top in both ease of use and price.

I went to the website and downloaded the trial and away I went. Their basic tutorials were so easy to understand I made my first page in just 20 minutes. Really.  Only 20 minutes.  I was fascinated playing with the free papers and elements that came with it.  Adding a picture and text and resizing everything was so easy.  I immediately bought it and got started right away.

Soon I was looking through all the kits available on the My Memories website and was amazed at how reasonably priced the kits were and many are on sale when they are first released.

Having dabbled in the paper scrapbooking world, I knew how expensive this hobby can become. With digital scrapbooking, I could use the papers and elements over and over again.  I had seen a photo book that my in-laws had from one of their foreign exchange students and thought, “I could do that”. So I bought a photo book template as a starting point and created my own book.  I had it printed at and gave it to my father for Father’s Day in 2011. I have grown considerably in my scrapbooking skills since then but I’m still using my memories suite software and just upgrade it each year. They’ve added many great features over the years that make this very versatile to use. I have Photoshop Elements and Paintshop Pro but use them mainly for photo editing. I’ve tried to follow the tutorials for creating a scrapbook page but my brain always feels like it will explode. I have been able to do everything I want scrapbooking-wise with this program and was asked by two designers to be on their creative teams permanently and have guested on many others. Most don’t realize that I’m not using Photoshop or Photoshop elements until I tell them. My Memories Suite makes it extremely easy to use any standard scrapbook kit and even makes it easy to download their content for use in other programs. So if you want a fast and easy-to-learn way of getting into digital scrapbooking, I’d say My Memories Suite is the way to go.

If you’re anywhere near as computer challenged as I am, have no fear.  I’m going to be offering some of my best tips and tricks on how to use the My Memories Suite in the coming weeks.  I’ll do my best to help you get started and finish your own scrapbooking projects.  Until then, if you have tried it, just click this link and download your free copy.

Go ahead and grab this week’s freebies while you’re there.  It’s always good to have some bonus products and you get something new each week from My Memories.


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Here is a link to MM Suite software tutorials on u-tube: LINK

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