I was delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Manu, of Manu Scraps, on a holiday party collection we are calling: In the Sparkling City. AND it does SPARKLE!

In the Sparkling City is a fresh and elegant collection perfect for scrapping all of your holiday images. The palette moves smoothly from soft and light to dark and dramatic, much like the progress of an evening out at a gala. Can you just hear the sparkling conversation, the spirited laughter and the lovely music in the background?

You will love the glitz, glam & glitter this party collection provides, but it is for all types of photos, as our Creative Team demonstrated with their amazing layouts (check them out below).

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adb-manuscraps-itsc-bundle-600 adb-manuscraps-itsc-wa-600adb-manuscraps-itsc-fl-600 adb-manuscraps-itsc-gl-600 adb-manuscraps-itsc-stck-600

The Studio Store Packaging for Double Dip previewing


The Studio Store Packaging for Double Dip previewing

adb-manuscraps-itsc-msk-600 adb-manuscraps-itsc-jrn-600

The Studio Store Packaging for Double Dip previewing


And here are the marvelous layouts from our Creative Teams:

600_adbmanu_itsc_danalo1 600_manuadb_threeships_lindalo1600_adbmanu_itsc_dianelo1 600_adbmanu_itsc_dianelo2 600_adbmanu_itsc_jsw_lo1 600_adbmanu_itsc_jsw_lo2 600_adbmanu_itsc_manulo1 600_adbmanu_itsc_marylo1 600_adbmanu_itsc_pbslo 600_marlyn1-itsc 660_marlyn2-itsc

AND here are some gifts from Manu & myself to help with your holiday celebrations!

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

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