14 people probably won’t be able to sleep on Thursday night.  Even that classic turkey “hangover” won’t keep them down BECAUSE 14 very lucky people are going to win the most amazing Digital Scrapbooking Deal in history.  I buddied up with 13 designers (ok 12 because OTFD a pack in here too) to bring you, our awesome customers, the Black Friday “Out Of The Vault” Blowout Deal.

Each of us unlocked our vault of previously retired products.  We pulled some of our most popular commercial and personal use stuff out for this huge, never been done before event!

You can register to win this massive deal Valued at over $1,800 on each of our Facebook Pages.  14 Designers means 14 chances to win BUT each page also has a special link for you to share with your friends and earn even more chances.

Take a look at what each winner will be downloading then head on over to my Facebook Page and REGISTER!