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Turn Yesterday’s Memories into Tomorrow’s Keepsakes

Not all digital scrapbookers are genealogists.  Those of us who are committed to both, enjoy hanging out with others who share our crazy hobby/passion/obsession.  Most of us fall into one of those groups.  Most of us start as a hobby and quickly move to the obsessed box and wind up staying there for years.  I am one of those.  I like to think it takes a special person to look forward to visiting a cemetery for the sole purpose of finding someone we may never know much more about than when they were born and died.  If that’s the case then I’m surrounded by “special” people.  Most of us in the Heritage Scrapper’s Group volley from one box to another on any given day.  If you’re “SPECIAL” then come check us out.


Heritage Scrappers Facebook Group

The Heritage Scrappers Facebook Group is FREE To Join.  We are a group of people who love researching our roots and telling our family story using digital scrapbooking pages to feed our creativity.  Members range from “just getting started” to some of us who have been researching for several decades.  We share our tools, links to helpful websites, family stories, and more.  Join NOW and be part of our growing community.  There is definitely someone for everyone!


Heritage Scrappers CLUB

Join The Club & Get The BEST Genealogy Scrapbook Deals Each Month


The Group is FREE and The CLUB is the next best thing.

The Heritage Scrappers Club is a subscription option where members get an amazing deal each month.  I release a New Collection along with $15 – $20 in Genealogy Bonuses every month at a huge discount over my store prices.  Members get the entire Mega on the 10th of each month for a 73% or 82% discount.  NEW MEMBERS also receive my Genealogy Starter Pack along with coupons to purchase any of the previously released products from my store at ADB-Designs at a big discount.  You can see the Collections here and all of the Heritage Scrappers Products here.

You can pick up a sampler each month between the 10th and 25th of the month.  The monthly subscription is normally $14.95 but I’ve sweetened the pot even more.  Subscribe Today and you can take $2 off!  You’ll pay just $12.95 per month for almost $60 in Genealogy Scrapbooking Products each month or choose the Annual Plan for an even bigger discount.