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Not all digital scrapbookers are genealogists.  Those of us who are committed to both, enjoy hanging out with others who share our crazy hobby/passion/obsession.  Most of us fall into one of those groups.  Most of us start as a hobby and quickly move to the obsessed box and wind up staying there for years.  I am one of those.  I like to think it takes a special person to look forward to visiting a cemetery for the sole purpose of finding someone we may never know much more about than when they were born and died.  If that’s the case then I’m surrounded by “special” people.  Most of us in the Heritage Scrapper’s Group volley from one box to another on any given day.  If you’re “SPECIAL” then come check us out.

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It is 100% FREE to become a member of Heritage Scrappers.  Membership includes:

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  • Weekly Winners
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Members can scrap with any products.  Heritage Scrappers is about helping you uncover your roots and document your family story for future generations.

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