February 2021 Challenges with ADB Designs

Join me for a challenge or two? Each month you’ll find me in the forums hosting fun challenges to help you on your digital scrapbooking storytelling journey. Not only will you be inspired by fellow scrapbook enthusiasts but you can pick up freebies and bonus discounts.

My Memories

The Vintage Romantic

Happy February Everyone!

For this month I am featuring FOUR delightful collections or stand alone kits that are either romantic or heritage in style.  I have a lovely page starter from EACH collection to help you get started. Just scroll down to grab the link to them.  Bundles are always discounted. So head to my store and grab your favorite! Here are links to each of the collections featured this month with their matching gifts below.

Scandinavian Winter

Nutcracker Mini

Kiss Me, I’m Irish

Men In Top Hats

Documenting Your Life Family Heritage Series

Men in Top Hats is one of my heritage collections created with a focus on men, and in this collection, the eras when the ubiquitous head covering for men was a top hat. The top hat was a favorite for working class and society men from the early 1800s through the 1930s and is still seen today in very formal settings. 

GingerScraps Back-It-Up Challenge

Here’s the challenge:

  • Find your phone and/or camera and empty it off onto your computer
  • Find your scrapbooking folder(s)
  • Add your new files/photos to a CD, EHD (external hard drive), or cloud storage.

A good rule of thumb is to have them in at least two places. I keep mine on my computer, on one of several EHD, and a cloud service.

If you keep up with this challenge it should be quick and painless each month AND hopefully you won’t have a catastrophe where you lose your files…but if you do … you will have a back up!

Once you have completed your back up, here’s the fun part, create a layout with the current month’s theme.

Current month theme: family time, game night, movie night, date night, …

Digital Scrapbooking Studio Color Challenge

TheStudio coordinated collection this month is titled “Open Doors”; I found I was inspired by the title and the color palette to do a heritage collection with an emphasis on immigration. Unless you are Native American, your ancestors arrived in America as immigrants. Americans all have this in common, and our heritage pages acknowledge this fact.  For those of you who are not in the United States, the “Open Doors” theme is one of about welcoming, and no matter where you are located you can create beautiful pages with my collection.

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