Documenting Your Life Series: Special Discussion

Originally Posted by Grandma Gail in the DSS forum….

Got your newsletter today, with question # 9.  As you already know, I’ve been working on my family history for years. But there are some subjects that are really difficult to write about. Several members of my family have written about family history, but there is one subject none of us has ever touched.

What I’m wondering is — could you ask people who are participating in this project if their families have any hot buttons- hot potatoes- or whatever they call their touchy issues…

Writing about difficult subjects……..there is bravery involved in doing this, of course…..and I am sure ALL of us on this journey have had to deal with it.

I would love to have some comments, ideas, recommendations, suggestions for Gail and for ALL of us on this issue. Please share how you approach this issue – I have created a special thread for this discussion in the DSS forum – LINK HERE.  or if you prefer you can comment here on the blog. Your choice.

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