Documenting Your Life Series: Question/prompt 7

Grandparents are a special part of most children’s lives. You may not have had an intimate relationship with your grandparents but even so, they provided a foundation for your experiences in the manner that they raised your parents.

Question 7
This week, we are going to focus on your maternal grandparents. First the basic facts: what are the full names, birth dates, birth locations, marriage date and location of your mother’s parents? Where did your mother fit in the birth order of her family? List your mother’s siblings and all the basic facts about them. This is no small task, to create all these lists with dates and places, but it is important.

Provide as much detail as you can and leave purposeful blanks for information you hope to be able to add in the future.

Now from your mother’s perspective…what stories/comments did she share about her parents?

This is your project. Your creation. Do it in your own way so it is unique to you. Be sure to enjoy the process. Instead of a layout about this weeks question, I thought I would share a page from my journal with you. 

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