Documenting Your Life Series: Question/prompt 6

My mother’s birthday is July 16th. She would have been 94.  I miss her every day, but I was blessed to have her and my father living with my husband and I the last 4 years of her life.  It can be difficult being a caregiver to an aging parent.  As many of you know, every day you are on call and “little issues” become “big issues” very quickly. But, the blessings far exceed the stresses.

This week the subject of our journal is: mother.

Question 6:
Write about your mother; be sure to include her full name, birth date, birth place, parents, etc. What are some memories you have of your mother?

(note: “mother” may be step-mother, foster-mother, adopted mother, family friend. This is your life, you make the rules for what you write about. I also recommend leaving one of more blank pages for you to write additional memories as you have time.)

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