Documenting Your Life Series: Question/prompt 5

I had marvelous email exchange with newsletter reader Valerie, about family and this Documenting Your Life series we are undertaking together.  She is about to embark on a wonderful trip to Finland and will have the opportunity to meet family and do some genealogical research.  I am thrilled for her; wish I could go along.

During our exchanges she spoke of her younger brother who offers her guidance and emotional support. What a terrific brother.  She said, “…another page I need to make…brotherly encouragement and what he means to me then and now.” What a marvelous idea, Valerie!

Question five:
Do you have siblings? Journal their full names, birth dates, birth places, marriage date(s) & spouse name(s), etc.  THEN write about your relationship, shared special memories, what they mean to you, how they shaped your decisions. Write in detail about all or just one, whatever you like.  

Are you an only child? Journal about the experience of being “the only one”.

I used my collection : The 12 Days of Christmas for this layout of my brother and I. It can be found in my PU stores at theStudio & My Memories.

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