Documenting Your Life Series: Question/Prompt 3

June 18, 2014

I am enjoying this journey we are taking together.  I have needed to do this, wanted to do this, for so long but lacked the will power to do it.  Now I am making it happen!

Anyone can join in with us at any time, that is the beauty of the approach.

This has been a difficult last couple of weeks for us.  Our home was severely damaged in a massive hail storm on 3 June.  The entire town suffered damage, no building, no home, no structure was left untouched. Thankfully, no people or pets were seriously injured…homes and automobiles can be repaired or replaced.
This is our sun room right after the storm ended.  Glass from 6 broken skylights everywhere. Our home sustained a lot of damage, but it will be repaired.

Thinking about my home and reflecting on how much I love it and the serenity it offers I was led to think of all the homes I have lived in and especially my childhood home in Emporia, Kansas. That leads us to ….

Question three:
Tell us about the home you grew up in …more than one? Tell about all or just the one that you remember as the “best”. Describe the neighborhood in which you grew up…were there any event(s) of significance associated to your home or neighborhood that you still reflect upon or that were funny or silly or special in some way?

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