Documenting Your Life Series: Question/prompt 29

You can join in at any time. You can start with the current question and move forward from there, catching up later with the questions asked before.

Some participants do only the journal, others do the journal and then create layouts for some of the questions as well. This is your story, you may do it any way you like. Don’t worry about handwriting, spelling and grammar. Putting words to paper is the essential task you have.

If you create layouts (not required) I would love to see them here and/or in the gallery at theStudio  “Everyone Has a Story” Gallery  

January 14, 2015
Question 29

More of our teenage perspective …

What were some of the “fads” when you were a teenager? What slang expressions were popular during your teen years?

Have fun with this one, I am!

What a “blast” this week’s questions are!  The ‘60s were so cool, really bitchin’ twitchin’ bad.  My friends and I did indeed think we were “cool” with our permed curly afro’s, our bell bottoms and mini skirts, listening to the Beatles. We were copacetic,  fab, far-out even!   We “went steady” by exchanging  class rings,  we went to the movies and watched the California surfin’ culture explode and the Beach Boys sound compete with the “British invasion” bands.

What do you remember best? 

This is your project. Your creation. Do it in your own way so it is unique to you. Be sure to enjoy the process.

Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear how your journey is progressing.


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