Documenting Your Life: Question/prompt 12

I have read some wonderful journaling and seen some marvelous layouts (theStudio gallery) . A BIG BIG thank you to all of you for sharing with me.

I am so pleased to have company along my journey.
Question 12

We are going to continue writing about ourselves but move away from school for a bit and focus on the rest of our world at that time.

Today let’s start with entertainment…

Tell about the first movie you remember going to see. Who were you with? Where did you go?  As a child, not yet a teenager, what were your favorite television and/or radio shows? Why? Did you idolize any “movie star”?

Dona, a studio forum member, made this marvelous page from this weeks Q12 prompt. I just love it!  She use pieces from my collab with Feli Remember When.

Q12_CowboyHeroesADB-Feli_RW_PreviewTS_Alpha ADB-Feli_RW_PreviewTS_Bundle ADB-Feli_RW_PreviewTS_Clusters ADB-Feli_RW_PreviewTS_EphemeraStacks ADB-Feli_RW_PreviewTS_Mats ADB-Feli_RW_PreviewTS_PK-Ele ADB-Feli_RW_PreviewTS_PK-Ppr ADB-Feli_RW_PreviewTS_QP1 ADB-Feli_RW_PreviewTS_QP2 ADB-Feli_RW_PreviewTS_Solids


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