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Look!  Diane is getting a blog makeover just in time for Valentine’s Day.  You’re going to love what’s coming in the next few weeks but there is still a bit of tweaking going on behind the scenes.  She mentioned a few weeks ago that she was going to have some guests posting on the blog and today is day one.  I’ve got some great DIY Valentines ideas for you.  There is a new collection in the stores to celebrate LOVE month and you’ll find some gifts too.  Here are a few of my favorites but there is a brand new Valentine’s Day Board on Pinterest where we’ll be adding fun ideas this week.

Valentine’s Day is 10 days away.  The stores are filled with all things pink and red but if you’re a scrapper or crafter you don’t go shopping for your gifts, you grab your mouse or scissors and glue and you get creative.  Gifts for children are always easy but for the man in my life (who has everything) it’s a little harder to come up with something so I did a bit of searching on Pinterest and came up with some easy projects that will let him know I love him and give me a reason to play with my grand kids too.  These were just too good not to share so Diane made an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to DIY Valentine’s Gift Ideas.  Go  check it out if you need some more inspiration but take a look at a few of my favorites.

Valentine’s Love Jar

Get everyone involved in sharing the love with this Valentine’s Love Jar.  This also works great with a wide mouth flower vase or old fashioned clear cookie jar.  Use red cardstock or make your own by printing on paper from your digital scrapbook stash. Find the specifics to this and several other lovable gifts on

Mason Jar Crafts

I am a Mason Jar Junkie so if it comes in a mason jar I’m most likely going to be interested but even if you’re not a huge fan of these, the ideas are cute and in most cases a pasta jar will work.  Save money and get crafty.  Make spaghetti for dinner and use the jar for his gift.  Find more ideas here.

Letter Blocks

This is one of my favorites!  And if you don’t already have wood blocks these work great with cardboard too.  It’s a great way to recycle and make something awesome in the process.  I’ve made something similar for teachers and friends for all occasions.  You can find the full tutorial at Stories by Mel.

I Love You might be a bit feminine for your significant other but Cupid’s Kiss is totally appropriate for just about any Valentine’s Day gift.   As a bonus we’ve added it to the retiring section at 75% off.

It is getting colder here in Nebraska as winter sets in.  Nothing like a wonderful and fragrant cup of tea to warm you up on a chilly morning. Hence, “Frosty Morn‘” for my mini and the palette of frosty grays, taupe, and slate blue warmed with a cardinal red.

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