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Meet Creative Team Member Pia

Pia’s layouts are so beautiful they take my breath away. Pia has an elegant and dreamy style that is wonderful with my heritage collections. Pia’s Scandinavian heritage sometimes peeks out in her layouts and delights the eye. I am so grateful to have Pia working with my collections.

Q&A with 

Q: How long have you been digitally scrapbooking?
A: Since 2013

Q:  How did you get started?
A:  I bought myself a new desktop computer where PSE 9 was installed and I was hooked right away.

Q:  What can I expect to see in your pages?
A:  Our puppy Cindy and my nieces and nephews and their kids.

Q:  What is your scrapping style?
A:  Traditional I guess, with a few artsy touches.

Q:  What program do you use and what do you like about it?
A:  PSE 2019. I love that it’s easy to make layouts with it.

Q: How long have you been a creative team member?
A:  My first CT was in 2014 for Dana’s Footprint Digital Design. In 2017 I joined the CT’s for PBS, OTFD and ADB.

Q:  Who are a few of your favorite designers & what is it you like about their work? 
A:  Alexis Design Studio and Jumpstart Designs

Q:  What is your “go to” store when you purchase products?
A: GDS, Ginger Scraps and Pickleberrypop

Q:  Where can we see your work?
A:  Go Digital Scrapbooking, Gingerscraps, Pickleberry Pop

Q:  Do you participate in challenges?
A:  Always at GDS, GS and PBP.

Q:  What is one thing you do really well?
A:  Definitely clustering with flowers and greenery.

Q:  How do you spend your time when you aren’t scrapbooking? 
A:  Photographing, gardening, sewing my own clothes, cardmaking and some more.


Here are some of my favorite pages by Pia


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