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  1. Valerie Jackson

    It’s been a while since I talked with you – in fact I was heading to Finland with my mom in July 2014. Time has not been my friend – YET. Now that I’m regaining my health, I’ve got new goals and I’m slowly working toward the organizational part to succeed. 😉

    I’m truly backlogged on all my art projects and I haven’t read my incoming e-mails for months…

    That means that I missed a critical retiring sale of yours. I’d like to know if it would be possible to purchase the following two items that I missed in August:

    Cluster Gift [matches retiring 75% off Old World Charm bundle]. I already own the bundle, but the gift was so lovely.
    Sail Away gift [I own this kit too].

    If they’re gone, that’s fine. Just thought I’d ask.

    Thank you for continuing your lovely work and I hope to talk with you again on a regular basis about family heritage.

    Thank you,

  2. Stacy

    I have been trying to use my coupon ADB_5forCT at GDS for the new mixology kits but it is not working for me could you fix it please?

    Thank You

    • Diane

      replied to PM at GDS 🙂 please email me you name & who you CT for Ill get you new code.

  3. AnitaB

    How do I join Heritage Scrappers? I’d like to try the free membership at first…


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