The Road Not Taken Lead Me On A New Journey

The Road Not Taken Lead Me On A New Journey

I’ve been contemplating how to share the news that I will be turning off my personal shop at the end of the year.  It is funny how one thing can have such a profound effect on our future.  As a subscriber, you may remember a few months ago when I shared that my daughter and grand-daughter decided to leave the U.S.  I suppose, looking back, that was the “thing” that started the ball rolling.  As I was creating The Road Not Taken, hundreds of thoughts about the many choices we make in life crossed my mind.  

I love all of my stores.  Each is unique in its own way.  If you tried to shop in my personal store this week, you may have been greeted by a tacky page telling you that my account had been suspended.  As a store owner, this is NOT how you want to start your day.  It seems my “little shop” has simply grown too big for my hosting plan.  It was time to make a choice.  On one hand it was difficult. is my baby.  I want to hold on tight.  On the other hand, I am in some of the best digital scrapbooking stores on the planet.  Life is good.  Roads were made for journeys, NOT Destinations.  I am starting a new journey but not without going out with a BANG to show my appreciation to all of you who have supported my ADB Shop over the last few years.  

Watch my Facebook Page and newsletter for the Big Store Closing Announcement later this week.

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Layout Inspiration for The Road Not Taken

Patriots & Loyalists – Scrap Your Family Civil War Story

Patriots & Loyalists – Scrap Your Family Civil War Story

Patriots & Loyalists was the Heritage Scrappers Club September 2018 Mega. The Mega Collection and Bonuses are now available in my stores as individual products.  In addition to the Mega Kit, you will find plenty of extras to help you tell your family’s Civil War story.

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Patriots & Loyalists is available in all of my stores.

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** Gingerscraps **

I am GUESTING at Gingerscraps!

In case you missed it on my Facebook page, I am guesting at Gingerscraps this month and I’m thrilled!  The people are SO nice.  I see some familiar faces and I have already met some new people who are just lovely!  It is good to get out and about occasionally.  If you are already a GS shopper, you know they have an active, fun-filled forum with a variety of challenges and an outstanding gallery that is full of inspirational layouts and ideas to keep your creative juices flowing.

I am already having fun and looking forward to meeting new people.

My entire shop is on sale for 45% off through November 11th and I’ve loaded up some of my most popular products.  This is the perfect time to stop by and say hello.

These are some of the products I’m featuring at Gingerscraps this month.

I hope you will come and visit my shop at Gingerscraps this month.  I will be loading up a few more products throughout the month so bookmark this link and you won’t miss a thing.   You can also see my new releases and announcements when you follow me on Facebook.

The Three Rs – With 3 Tips To Scrap Your Family Story If You Don’t Have Photos

The Three Rs – With 3 Tips To Scrap Your Family Story If You Don’t Have Photos

The school lines are long again.  Jim & I do all we can to plan our day around school zone times but occasionally it simply can’t be avoided so we wait on children to cross or a bus to creep to a stop.

My newsfeed has been filled with “first day of school” photos from Pre-K all the way up to high school seniors.  The expressions on the faces of the subjects are very different.  Moms will be moms.

Personally, I don’t recall first day of school photos.  Of course, getting the camera out was more of an event back then.  Today, even some of the elementary students are snapping photos from their smartphones.

It’s clear that this generation will have more photos but it’s the stories of the photos I’m concerned with.

The August Heritage Scrappers Club Mega was The Three Rs.  Like all HSC Releases, it was designed with your own life and your ancestors’ life in mind.  It is filled with elements from a different time period.  A time when students had to share a book and some did their lessons on lap chalkboards instead of laptops.

This is also a time when photos were rare or perhaps they simply didn’t get passed down to the person who wants to tell the story.  I had more than one conversation about scrapping school days without photos.  As a society, we’re more attached to photos than we’ve ever been but stories can and should be told, with or without the photo to back it up.

Here are a few tips to get your family school days story told if you don’t have photos.

Use another form of documentation
If you don’t have school photos you can substitute your photo area with school certificates, report cards, letters written by the subject (they learned to write in school).

Use a family photo
A family photo with parents and children can work as a stand-in for almost any story.  We love having people on our layouts but you might also use a photo of the family homestead.

Substitute a stock photo
I know.  I know.  Your family heritage albums are supposed to include your family photos but if you know the story and don’t have the photos, it would be a shame for your children and grandchildren to miss out on the story.  Go ahead and sub in a vintage photo of any school and get the story told.  Your family will be glad you improvised and you will too.

If you’re ready to get started, The Three Rs is available and on sale in all of my stores now.  I hope it helps you tell your family school days stories.  I would love to see your pages in the group too.  You never know when your page or story will be the one that inspires another member “get creative” and cross another project off their list.

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The Heritage Scrappers Facebook Group is FREE to join.  We’re a group of digital scrapbookers who are focused on telling our family story.  Whether you’re just getting started or have earned your genealogy wings from years of research, there is a place for you.

The Heritage Scrappers CLUB is a membership club where you receive a new Genealogy Themed Mega PLUS 2 Bonuses each month at a huge discount.  Monthly Memberships are $14.95 (join within 72 hours and you’ll only pay $12.95 per month or SAVE a whopping 82% with the annual membership.  Pay just $119.40 for an entire year of Gorgeous Genealogy Digital Scrapbooking Supplies.  For less than the cost of the complete collection, you can get the entire CLUB release each month.  Visit my Facebook Page to pick up this month’s sampler (Patriots & Loyalists) and get all the scoop.

The Painted Garden Digital Scrapbook Collection by ADB Designs

The Painted Garden Digital Scrapbook Collection by ADB Designs

The Painted Garden by ADB Designs features vintage elements, pretty florals with pops of purples and pinks to scrapbook your family photos.  A garden bench, antique bicycle, sundial, and plenty of garden creatures give you everything you need to scrap a simple traditional page, or if you love clustering, you’ll have enough for an entire album

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