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Wind Song Perfect For Scrapping Your Native American Ancestors

Wind Song Perfect For Scrapping Your Native American Ancestors

If you have Native American ancestors then you know it is a real challenge to find reliable documentation and unless your family was awesome at keeping photos that might be a daunting task as well.  If you have the story, it may be all you ever have but it shouldn’t go when you do.  If you’ve turned over every stone and all you have is the story then make the best of it.

The April Mixology at GDS might be just what you need.  As soon as I saw the colors I knew which direction I was going.  I was inspired by my own family history and re-runs of great John Wayne westerns, Little House On The Prairie, and Bonanza danced in my head.  I knew I wanted to create a collection that focused on Native American culture but I couldn’t quite let go of the immigrant who came and weathered storms to make a better life.

One of the beautiful things about being a designer is I don’t have to choose only one.  I fed my Native American inspiration and then partnered with Patty to create the immigrant version for Over The Fence Designs.

Both sets are based on late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  Both set coordinate beautifully so you can easily mix and match.  Both sets are on sale right now for only $1.20 each for a short time.



Awesome Inspiration by the ADB Designs  & Over The Fence Designs Creative Team

Do you have Native American Ancestors?  What has been your biggest challenge in trying to document their story?  Did you give up or are you still committed to your search?

Celebrating Easter Outside?  Check Out Garden Party

Celebrating Easter Outside? Check Out Garden Party

Easter is here!  Do you have a great celebration planned with your family and friends, neighbors, in-laws, OR out-laws?   Here’s hoping your weekend is filled with lots of sunshine, smiling faces, and let’s not forget some token chocolate to top it off.  Easter was always special growing up.  Our family enjoyed getting together for any occasion where the food and laughter were abundant and that was always the case for our wild bunch.  Back then it took weeks to get our printed photos back and then we all sat around and shared the memories again.  I miss those follow-up celebrations that are no longer necessary because every photo is “instant” these days.

The good news is, we don’t have to wait.  The better news is there is not one, or two, but many brand new products ready and waiting for your Easter weekend photos.  Today is the official release of Garden Party.  It’s the quarterly coordinating collection at the Studio and it is awesome!  The colors are gorgeous; the possibilities unlimited.  Garden Party by ADB Designs is a little bit grungy with an antique feel while Garden Party by Over The Fence Designs is more modern.  Both are packed with papers, spring elements and lots of extras to help you get your Easter or spring pictures on a page fast.




Exuberant Spring – Scrap Your Favorite Easter Hat

Exuberant Spring – Scrap Your Favorite Easter Hat

It’s April! We know April Showers bring May Flowers but this year the flowers and color are coming a little early.  Rebecca here.  A little while back Diane mentioned that she was going to have some guests on the blog.  She had a few technical difficulties like having to change the hosting company twice.  What a deal!  Looks like we’re good to go though and today is my day.  Coming soon are great stories, tips and tricks from Mary about her genealogy journey and Dana will be sharing how she uses her My Memories software to keep her scrapping going.  The first day of the month always brings new store challenges.  We’ll have those linked up and ready for you in a post tomorrow because we wanted to use today to share Diane’s new release, Exuberant Spring.  Blog Freebie and links to bonus freebies are down below.

My grandmother was a special lady.  She wasn’t fancy on most days but she always dressed her best for church on Sunday and most year’s she got a new hat for Easter.   We went to the same church from the time I was born until I was 11.  For as many of those years as I can remember. we sat in the same row, on the same pew, and so did everyone else.  I know I had some Easter hats but I don’t remember any of them.  What I do remember is not being able to see the preacher on Easter Sunday because all of the “old women” had brand new Easter hats and some were VERY big.  Most women had an Easter corsage whether they wore a hat or not.  As I sit here today I can still smell the flowers.  The fragrance filled my nostrils.  The bright, bold colors filled everyone with a feeling of excitement.  The Exuberant Spring collection brought back those memories.  It made me smile.  It made me want to go out and buy a hat.  One thing always leads to another.  It made me want to hunt down a photo of my grandmother in her Easter hat but I couldn’t find one.  I did find one from when she was much younger.  It seems her love of hats was a lifelong love.


I’m ready to scrap an Easter Hat page now but wouldn’t you know there wasn’t a hat in the kit!  Diane was generous enough to make a sampler for those of us needing a hat to embellish our old photos.  You’ll be able to pick this up as a free sampler tomorrow at the Studio.  It will be absolutely free for a few days so don’t forget to pick up.

Sometimes the best memories are triggered by the most unlikely things.  I hope you’ll pull out some Easter or spring photos and make get them onto a page with the story so future generations will know what it was like when you “were young”.

We would love to hear your Easter stories or see your pages.  If you need a little more inspiration or just a chuckle, Diane has set up a special board on Pinterest for Spring and Easter DIY projects and inspiration.  Even if you’re not a DIY’er, you’ll love the kitten with the fancy hat.

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Up, Up, and Away! March Mixology at Go Digital Scrapbooking

There is a special place in my heart for each of my digital scrapbook stores.  One of the things I like most about Go Digital Scrapbooking is the monthly Mixology.  Each month we get a theme with a gorgeous palette and from there each designer creates her own story.  This month our theme is Up, Up, and Away.  Call me what you will, but as I looked at the pinks and cream in the swatch I thought of roses and the Swedish Proverb “If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I’d be picking roses for a lifetime”.  Up! Up! and Away! The Promise of Roses is a sweet Petite Kit filled with roses in all stages of bloom and a sweet sampling of complimentary greenery.  What rose garden wouldn’t be complete without a butterfly, and what scrapbook page wouldn’t be complete without a frame and ribbon.  The elements and papers have a watercolor feel and there is a fancy set of patterned papers too.  This is a simple, elegant, feminine collection perfect for adding a boost of color to your vintage photos or albums..

SAVE 40% on individual packs for a limited time.  Just $1.20 each

Scrapbook Pages Worth Of A Frame by My Creative Team

Up! Up! and Away by Over The Fence Designs has a whimsical feel.  A bit more childlike and busy.  You’ll find a simple border pack, TWO mini kits, an alpha, splatters, and beautiful shabby solids in this collection.  Use it on it’s own or combine it with any of the other designer’s coordinating pack for pages that pop with color and have plenty of oomph!

I hope you enjoy these mini collections.  If you’re a My Memories software user you’ll want to keep an eye on the blog.  Tips and Tricks coming soon.

Vintage Vacation A New Collection By Over The Fence Designs

Vintage Vacation A New Collection By Over The Fence Designs

Who doesn’t remember the time before seat belts, car seats, and jumping on an airplane to take a trip?  As a child, it was a thrill to load the family in the car for an across town or cross country trip.  A time before i-pads or headrest DVD players.  A time BEFORE there were “Golden Arches” at every other exit.  A time when unplugging didn’t create an anxiety attack but instead prompted us to not only connect as a family but to connect with history, nature, and strangers from all parts of the country.  At the time we didn’t realize how soon those trips would be remembered as our Vintage Vacation and yet…here we are.

Believe me when I say that scrapping on a regular basis is the best way to not only keep the story alive for future generations but to keep it accurate.  If you still have vintage photos from family trips that haven’t found their way onto a page, now is a great time to get that done.  Make a commitment to do a few pages a week.  If you’re in the middle of spring break it’s an excellent time to involve your children in the vintage vacation process.  Scrap a page from a recent trip where the memories are fresh and then scrap an old trip and tell your family the story as you reminisce.  Even if you’re in your 50’s, it’s pretty hilarious to see the reaction from kids today about how different it was when YOU were growing up.

Whatever you scrap, whatever memories you’re documenting, be sure to tell the story so those details will be around forever.

SAVE 30% on individual packs or 62% on the bundle for a limited time.

The Over The Fence Designs Creative Team Went All Out on this kit.  They dug deep and found photos from yesteryear and yesterday.  I am always amazed at the pages that come back in when they get a new kit to work with.  If I had to pick a favorite it would be impossible.  I love all of the black and white photos and the pages that tell the story.  After all, scrapbooking is all about telling the story so the next generation has a reason call our pages a keepsake.

The Vintage Vacation digital scrapbooking collection is available in these stores

In The Meadow – Welcome Spring!

In The Meadow – Welcome Spring!

Spring brings new life in the landscape, activity in the animals, and abundant color to liven up our mood and for scrapbookers, it gets our creative mojo flowing.  Whether you’re holding on to spring photos from last year or already snapping photos this year, my new collection, In The Meadow has plenty of color and elements to scrap your new layout.

My inspiration was the Auguste Renoir painting from the late 1800’s but my love of spring wouldn’t allow me to stop with the beautiful blues and pinks in the original.  If you love to make clusters for your pages, you’ll find plenty of greenery, flowers and stand alone elements to feed your clustering creativity.  In The Meadow had a bird house, old fashioned bicycle with a basket of flowers and new baby animals. The collection includes a Mega Kit with 20 beautiful papers and 107 elements, journal cards, flourishes, blendables, masks, and the Petite Kit available as a bonus freebie today as the Daily Download in my store at Go Digital Scrapbooking.


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73% on the bundle for a limited time.

Layout Inspiration From My Awesome Creative Team

In The Meadow Is Available in These Stores