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Time Traveler – The First Mega In My Heritage Scrappers Series

This weekend I am in Illinois on a genealogy jaunt.  The McClenning side of my family and especially my grandmother insists we have Irish roots.  I’ve yet to find an Irish immigrant other than a Canadian back in 1813.  Our family roots go back before the first American by birth and I’ve made it my mission to connect the dots, to prove unequivocally, by way of documentation, whatever the “truth” is.  The interesting thing about genealogy is there is rarely a straight line to any piece of the family puzzle.  I suppose that is one reason some people abandon the search early on and choose to work forward.  There have been days I was certain I would just leave those ancestors alone and pass the job of hunting them down to someone else but for those of us who can’t get past our curiosity, those moments pass quickly.

You KNOW you are a genealogist when the last conversation of the day, the last thought that goes through your mind, the first thing you think about the following morning, is “What did I miss?”.  Some days you just have to move to another branch or another tree altogether, but when finding your roots is part of who you are, you always find your way back to that one piece of information and you take another look or in this case, another trip.   You travel where you need to go to try to “prove it”.  This weekend I’m on a “proving” mission.  Wish me luck!



Time Traveler is the first Mega Collection in my Heritage Scrappers series.  The palette definitely has a feminine flair with splashes of pinks, mauves, and light greens but take those out and you’ve got the foundation of a vintage kit that has a little something for any page style.  Members of my Heritage Scrappers Monthly Club received this Mega along with some bonus genealogy tools back in September.  Each month members receive a new Mega Collection with Bonuses at a 63% – 82% discount.  This Mega Collection, (and the bonuses) are still available to anyone who joins the Heritage Scrappers Club (HSC) before November 1st.  HSC is a membership plan for avid genealogy scrappers but you’ll always be able to get the Mega the following month in my stores at a 55% introductory discount for two weeks.  The bonuses will be sold separately at some point in the future at a 30% discount.

You can see the individual plans here.


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Need some Genealogy Scrapping Inspiration?  Check Out These Great Pages.

Get Organized Week 2017

Get Organized Week 2017

We celebrate National Get Organized Week in October.  I don’t know about you, but I’m certain that it will take more than a week for me to “Get Organized”.  Still, it’s good to have a goal.  It’s good to put it out there for the world to see.  It helps you “own” it.  Accountability is everything.  Get Organized Week comes on the heels of Save Your Photos Month, celebrated in September each year.  As a member of APPO, and a resident of Houston, September 2017 will forever be a bittersweet memory.

As a wanna-be genealogist, enthusiastic scrapbooker, and committed keeper of the family photos, every day is the day to get organized.  Life happens though.  Life just happens.  Priorities change.  Until disaster strikes and then it’s too late.

Professional photo organizers will tell you to save your digital photos first because they’re more at risk on a daily basis.  While this is true, after seeing the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, I’m more committed than ever not only to get my printed photos in order but to complete some projects that can be passed down to future generations.

When Diane and I first started talking about Heritage Scrappers, I was thrilled at the thought of having a go-to place where I could learn about genealogy AND combine my research with my love of scrapbooking.  When it comes to projects, I’m a bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  I’m guilty of “flying by the seat of my pants”.  In the past, I made what I’ll lovingly refer to as sub-projects.  A slide show or photo book for a grandchild is such a tiny piece of the big picture of our family story.

Get Organized week is celebrated the last week of October but we’re going to extend that to the entire month (it might take an entire year for some of us).

How many photos do you have?

I do have 95% of my photos on a single hard drive with extra cloud backup but I’m certain there are some that are duplicates and even triplicates.  Most people don’t realize just how many photos they have.  The thought of going through 141,351 photos is a bit overwhelming but before you judge me, how many do YOU have?  How many are duplicates?

Week 1 Tip

Each week in October I’ll be sharing a tip or tool to help you Get Your Photos Organized.  Inside the Heritage Scrappers Facebook Group we’ll be sharing ways to Get Your Genealogy Research Organized.

Aside from poking you with a stick to get you going, this week my tool is the Picture Keeper Photo-Storage USB Device and the Picture Keeper Pro 500GB Automatic Backup Device at a 50% discount.  If you’re in the U.S. you’ll want to check this out on Groupon.  The USB Device comes in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB.  I picked up a 16GB (at 60% off the retail price! with the Groupon deal) so I could quickly dump the photos from our phones and tablets.  I picked up the Pro (50% Off – SCORE!) so I could quickly let the tool do the work of finding the duplicates in my massive photo folder AND to have another backup.  I’m pretty sure I can easily knock a few GB from my folder.  If you’re reading this post and the Groupon deal is gone, here is a Direct Link To Picture Keeper.



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Exuberant Spring – Scrap Your Favorite Easter Hat

Exuberant Spring – Scrap Your Favorite Easter Hat

It’s April! We know April Showers bring May Flowers but this year the flowers and color are coming a little early.  Rebecca here.  A little while back Diane mentioned that she was going to have some guests on the blog.  She had a few technical difficulties like having to change the hosting company twice.  What a deal!  Looks like we’re good to go though and today is my day.  Coming soon are great stories, tips and tricks from Mary about her genealogy journey and Dana will be sharing how she uses her My Memories software to keep her scrapping going.  The first day of the month always brings new store challenges.  We’ll have those linked up and ready for you in a post tomorrow because we wanted to use today to share Diane’s new release, Exuberant Spring.  Blog Freebie and links to bonus freebies are down below.

My grandmother was a special lady.  She wasn’t fancy on most days but she always dressed her best for church on Sunday and most year’s she got a new hat for Easter.   We went to the same church from the time I was born until I was 11.  For as many of those years as I can remember. we sat in the same row, on the same pew, and so did everyone else.  I know I had some Easter hats but I don’t remember any of them.  What I do remember is not being able to see the preacher on Easter Sunday because all of the “old women” had brand new Easter hats and some were VERY big.  Most women had an Easter corsage whether they wore a hat or not.  As I sit here today I can still smell the flowers.  The fragrance filled my nostrils.  The bright, bold colors filled everyone with a feeling of excitement.  The Exuberant Spring collection brought back those memories.  It made me smile.  It made me want to go out and buy a hat.  One thing always leads to another.  It made me want to hunt down a photo of my grandmother in her Easter hat but I couldn’t find one.  I did find one from when she was much younger.  It seems her love of hats was a lifelong love.


I’m ready to scrap an Easter Hat page now but wouldn’t you know there wasn’t a hat in the kit!  Diane was generous enough to make a sampler for those of us needing a hat to embellish our old photos.  You’ll be able to pick this up as a free sampler tomorrow at the Studio.  It will be absolutely free for a few days so don’t forget to pick up.

Sometimes the best memories are triggered by the most unlikely things.  I hope you’ll pull out some Easter or spring photos and make get them onto a page with the story so future generations will know what it was like when you “were young”.

We would love to hear your Easter stories or see your pages.  If you need a little more inspiration or just a chuckle, Diane has set up a special board on Pinterest for Spring and Easter DIY projects and inspiration.  Even if you’re not a DIY’er, you’ll love the kitten with the fancy hat.

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Share Some Love – Free Social Media Quotes

Diane has been under the weather this week so I tried to come up with something creative to pair with the Daily Deal at the Studio. I whipped up some fun social media quotes to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  There are 4 quotes sized for Pinterest or your Facebook or Instagram feed.  As I was doing my research I ran across some hilarious stories of Valentine’s Day fails covering everything from a woman who gave her husband the same card for almost 30 years (and he didn’t even realize it) to some pretty sweet love stories.  As scrapbookers we always have a story to tell but we don’t always get around to telling it if we don’t feel that it’s significant.  Whether you go all out on February 14th or just hang out at home I hope your day is filled with fun and lots of love.

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Share The Memories – Week of February 6-12

Share The Memories – Week of February 6-12

Here are the links for this weeks scrapbooking gifts from My Memories

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