ADB Designs Grand Opening

ADB Designs Grand Opening

Welcome to the NEW & IMPROVED ADB Designs!

When I closed my personal store at the end of 2018 I wasn’t sure if I would ever reopen. I love the flexibility of being able to offer exclusive products, discounts, and perks to customers and I had so many requests from people who wanted to join the Heritage Scrappers Club but don’t use Facebook that it I finally took a giant leap.

Over the next few months you will see more of my older products popping up in the store. All of my Heritage Scrappers Club Collections are available along with a bonus discount for new subscribers on the monthly plan.

Fun Features at ADB Designs

The new shop software has some FUN features. If you shopped in my old store, you can simply update your account and you should have access to all of your previous purchases unless those items have been retired. If you are new to ADB Designs, simply create an account and log in to take advantage of these options.

Coupons Automatically Added To Your Account

No more keeping up with coupon codes. In most cases, coupons will be automatically added to your cart if it includes a product with an active coupon code. We LOVE simplicity.

FOREVER Downloads!

Never request another download reset. Your downloads will be available in your account for as long as your account is open OR until the product is retired. We encourage you to download your zips right away but if you ever need your files again, simply login to your account and download it again. We LOVE this feature.

Heritage Scrappers Club Memberships Available Without Facebook

Previously, the Heritage Scrappers Club Monthly Mega Releases were only available if you subscribed via Facebook. You can now subscribe to the annual or monthly plan here in my shop and you’ll receive a new MEGA and all of the bonuses each month. You can also easily control your subscription options from your account.

You can easily find all of the Heritage Scrappers Club Releases by using the sidebar on the left.

Grand Opening Special Offer – Join Heritage Scrappers Monthly Membership for only $12.95 per month. SAVE $2 per month for the life of your membership. Simply add the subscription to your cart and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

SAVE 60% On All Bundles

All bundles have been discounted to 60% off through Sunday, May 17th. No Coupon Required.

SAVE 50% On All Individual Products with Coupon Code: adb-grandopening-50off
This code should apply to your account automatically but if not, simply paste it in before you check out.

FREE Heritage Scrappers Samplers

Want to sample the Heritage Scrappers Club Products?

All of my Heritage Scrappers Samplers are FREE this weekend. Choose ONE or Grab them ALL and get started on your Heritage Scrapping Journey.

Wish List Give Away

See something you love? Add it to your wish list now. I will be gifting wish list items to some lucky customers all weekend. What better way to celebrate than to get some freebies?

What Else Is New From ADB Designs?

Zip Files

In most of my stores you will see 2 extra zip files in each download.

Previews – Each product has a Preview Zip Folder. This folder includes all of the previews for the entire collection. I am no longer including a preview folder in every product. If you purchase 2 products from the same collection, you only need to download the previews folder once. No more opening zips and having to delete the extra folders.

TOU PLUS BONUS – Each product has a single TOU PLUS BONUS zip. This zip includes a copy of my TOU, what is happening each month at each shop (get a peek at the $2 Tuesday deals or other special offers) and often you will find a bonus freebie that coordinates with one of my previous products. You only need to download ONE of these zips. Freebies change regularly but the zip is the same for every product.

I hope this will save you some time and some hard drive space.

In Store Freebies

You will see more freebies located in my shops. Be sure to check each zip file when you pick up a freebie. HINT! Many freebies will include a coupon for a discount on page kits or extras for products you may have missed.

FREE With Purchases Bonuses

My creative team is nothing short of amazing! They make some more freebies than I’m able to share and we don’t want them going to waste. 🙂 In the future, I will be adding another zip to the downloads of the Page Kits and Bundles. You’ll see this listed as FWP in your downloads at ADB Designs, Gingerscraps, and Digital Scrapbooking Studio. These coordinating freebies will help you start or finish your pages in record time and they will only be exclusive. You won’t find these gifts anywhere else.

More Information On The Blog

With 4 shops and something fun happening almost daily, it is a challenge to make sure I cover all of the bases and I don’t want you to miss a thing. You will always be able to find what you need here on the blog. If you prefer to shop at My Memories, Gingerscraps, or Digital Scrapbooking Studio, there will always be an easy link for my new releases and what’s happening at each store in a post here on the blog.

Shorter Newsletters

Going forward, my newsletters will be shorter. You’ll find “snippets” of information with links to get you where you want to go.

I hope you like all of the changes my team and I are making to provide you with the best scrapping experience.

Thank you for scrapping your family story with ADB Designs.

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