3 Tools to To Help You Recreate Lost Death Records

Simple solutions to help you tell your family story when you can’t source the life event.

One of the biggest research hurdles genealogists face is finding documentation for life events when the local courthouse records have been destroyed.  This article lists over 40 courthouses in North Carolina where records were lost due to fires.  I suspect the statistics are similar for most states/territories from that era.

Fortunately, for those of us willing to dig deep, there is hope of at least being able to piece together enough information to confirm the validity of a leaf or other hint with our ancestors.  I am a firm believer in sourced and legitimate documentation when I am working on the official family tree, but those resources don’t always do my genealogy scrapbooks justice.

My scrapbooks are a combination of facts and stories I want to leave for future generations.  They also represent my own creativity.  A picture really is worth a thousand words when you’re creating a scrapbook so even if I don’t have a photo of my ancestor I like the idea of having a graphic on their page.

Omega is the January 2019 Heritage Scrappers Club Mega.  Omega features a dark palette of earthy colors with elements designed to help you create pages documenting the death of your ancestors.  The bonuses include a funeral program template, ornamental gates, and fencing templates, and 2 sets of grave markers with concrete text styles for you to create your own family monuments.

The Omega Mega Bundle, including 5 bonuses is available exclusively to Club Members through January 25th at 73% to 82% off or you can pick it up from any of my stores in March.  These bonuses are ready for you to add your own creativity.


If you have been running into brick walls trying to locate death records, here are some helpful resources:

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The Omega Bundle

The Omega Page Kit

The Omega Extras

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The Omega Blog Freebie

The Omega Club Member Bonuses

These bonuses are included with your monthly or annual Heritage Scrappers Club Membership.  They will be available for purchase individually when Omega is released in stores in approximately 45 days.

Funeral Program Template

Use the Funeral Program Templates to recreate a missing program or create one based on the information you’ve gathered in your research.  This bonus includes 5 different border designs and a variety of text and design layers so you can make it your own.  Use as an element on your family member’s page or use it as a page of its own.  Change out the background colors, modify the styles or borders, the sky is the limit.

Gates & Fencing

Use the Gates & Fencing Bonus to create a cemetery layout or use it to embellish pages of a garden.  The decorative fences can be styled and sized for hundreds of uses.

Grave Marker Templates

Can’t find a headstone or grave marker?  These templates will help you make a memorable marker for your family members.  Use with the Bonus Omega Concrete Styles to create an authentic looking marker.

Engrave Style Pack

The Engrave Style Pack works beautifully on any template.  It features styles with the look of aged concrete.  It is designed to embellish the Grave Marker Templates but will also work on any element you want to modify to look like concrete.

Layout Inspiration Made With Omega

Not everyone is a genealogy or heritage scrapper.  You can see the versatility of Omega in the layouts below.

Ready to Scrap Your Family History?

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