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Who Will Tell Your Story?

“There are just so many stories that are buried on family trees.”

Henry Louis Gates

Digital Scrapbooking For Genealogy Enthusiasts

What legacy will you leave your family?  Will you leave a shoebox full of family photos or will you leave the story of the family IN the photos?

ADB Designs features products that help you turn your family photos into forever treasures.

Someday, the photos you have stored on your phone will be “vintage”.  Whether you are interested in telling the story of your grandparents or your grandchildren, sharing the story behind the photo will mean so much more in 100 years.

Digital Scrapbooking For Modern Photos

Love the idea of scrapbooking but vintage isn’t your style?  

One of the greatest joys you can share with younger family members is to let them help you tell the story.  

Choose from themes to help you scrap the story of a newborn, starting school, or getting married.  

Themes include brighter colors, contemporary elements, and plenty of extras to help you make a page or an entire photo album in record time.

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