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Time After Time Update – Free CU Vintage Advertising Cards

Time After Time Update – Free CU Vintage Advertising Cards

The beautiful Time After Time collection is available in all of my stores now and today there is a bonus Commercial Use pack of Vintage Advertising Cards exclusively at The Studio.

If you have a passion for heritage scrapping this is a beautiful collection to start you off.  There are also 3 mini’s and some coordinating bonuses by Over The Fence Designs.   

SAVE 30% on individual packs or 50% on the bundles for a limited time.

You  can see the beautiful layouts made by my creative team in this post.

Time After Time collection

Time After Time collection

Time After Time is an elegant and rich collection of “just right” vintagy papers and elements. The collection is “just right” sized for dipping your feet into the heritage scrapping waters and trying the vintage look if you haven’t done so before.

Exclusive to goDigitalScrapbooking thru Feb 7 and on sale for only $1.20 per piece!

ADB_timeAfterTime_Bundle_600 ADB_timeAfterTime_Solids_600 ADB_timeAfterTime_Papers_set2_600 ADB_timeAfterTime_Papers_set1_600 ADB_timeAfterTime_Fantasy_600 ADB_timeAfterTime_Elements_set2_600 ADB_timeAfterTime_Elements_set1_600 ADB_timeAfterTime_CL_600

And I love the layouts from my Creative Team:

600 ADB TAT Dana 2 600 600 adb-timafttim-rd-01-600 600 adb-timafttim-rd-02-600 600 TimeAfterTime_JSW_600 600 TimeAfterTime_JW_600600 ADB_TimeAterTime MargFunston 600


Time After Time collection (Over the Fence)

Time After Time collection (Over the Fence)

Time After Time
Time After Time has a palette of bright aqua mixed with rust and dark chocolate, then softened with muted teal, beige, cream, ice blue and glacier green. The collection is perfect for scrapping heritage or contemporary images and lends itself to pocket and traditional scrapping styles.
Each item is just $1.20 – but only until February 7th.
Exclusive at  goDigitalScrapbooking
OTFD_TimeAfterTime_Ephemera_600 OTFD_TimeAfterTime_Masks_600 OTFD_TimeAfterTime_MK1all_600 OTFD_TimeAfterTime_MK2all_600 OTFD_TimeAfterTime_MK3all_600 OTFD_TimeAfterTime_Solids_600
and some wonderful inspiration from our Creative Teams:
600_mary_otfdp_tat_margfunstonRobinson 600_OFTD_TimeAfterTime_Dana1 600_OFTD_TimeAfterTime_Dana2 600_otfd_tat_pbsLO1 600_otfd_tat_pbsLO2 600_otfd-timafttim-rd-01 600_otfd-timafttim-rd-02 600_poki1 600_poki2 600_TimeAfterTime_JSW 600_TimeAfterTime_JW
A Visit With The Past Mega Bundle

A Visit With The Past Mega Bundle

Men in their generations
are like the leaves of the trees.
The wind blows and one year’s leaves
are scattered on the ground;
but the trees burst into bud
and put on fresh ones
when the spring comes round.
– Homer

Genealogy is the study of one’s family. It comes from the Greek words for “family” and “science”.  At some point in our lives, most of us want to learn more about our families. Were grandfather’s brothers also farmers? When did my parents meet? By researching our family history, we also discover ourselves; it can help us understand the influences that shaped our parents and grandparents and great grandparents … and us.

The A Visit With the Past collection is not intended to cover a specific time frame for your family history layouts, rather is it a generic kit with a variety of elements that are from different eras for the greatest flexibility.

On sale in all my stores and the Mega bundle is discounted 62% during the intro sale — only $14.99 !!

ADB Designs Shoppe   ~   theStudio   ~   goDigitalScrapbooking   ~   MyMemories


ADB_AVisitWiththePast_AccClusters_600 ADB_AVisitWiththePast_Alphas_600 ADB_AVisitWiththePast_JLabels_600 ADB_AVisitWiththePast_Masks_600 ADB_AVisitWiththePast_MonthStrips_600 ADB_AVisitWiththePast_MPKall_600 ADB_AVisitWiththePast_paper_CS_600 ADB_AVisitWiththePast_Paper_Damask_600 ADB_AVisitWiththePast_PPKall_600 ADB_AVisitWiththePast_SPcombo_Set1_600 ADB_AVisitWiththePast_SPcombo_Set2_600 ADB_AVisitWiththePast_WATitles_600 ADB_AVisitWiththePast_WordStrips_600

A few layouts to give you inspiration to do your own heritage pages:

600_ADB_AVisitWiththePast_PetPK_pbsLO 600_AVisitwiththePast_McFarlen_1_JW 600_AVisitwiththePast_McFarlen_2_JW 600_AVisitWiththePast_RichardExelby 600_AVisitWithThePastEdwExelby1774



Blogtrain Gift 1 – Mini to match my A Visit With the Past collection!


Extra Gift 1 – Frame Cluster created by Renee from A Visit With the Past Mega Bundle


Extra Gift 2 – Extra Word Art Titles & fountain pen to expand the A Visit With the Past Mega Bundle & Blog train mini


Extra Gift 3 – Lovely border cluster made from A Visit With the Past Mega Kit


Extra Gift 4 – Blendable accent ready to add pizzazz to your layouts or use as a mask or cluster accent 


I will also have this gift for you in my Newsletter, Saturday Jan 22. If you don’t subscribe to my newsletter just click on the preview and sign up.


and click on preview here to jump over to my FB page and grab this cluster gift too!


AND I would love to see some of the pages you create with this collection, my Creative Team LOVES it and hopefully you will too.



Good Times GDS Mixology $1.20 per product!

Good Times GDS Mixology $1.20 per product!

Good Times is a collection designed to be versatile enough to scrap almost any image. It is both bright and pastel, elegant and whimsical; it is just right for year end holiday parties or families enjoying each other at home.

“So before we end and then begin
We’ll drink a toast to how it’s been
A few more hours to be complete
A few more nights on satin sheets
A few more times that I can say
I’ve loved these days”
— Billy Joel: “Turnstiles”

Exclusive to goDigitalScrapbooking thru Jan 7 – only $1.20 per product!

adb_goodtimes_cl_600 adb_goodtimes_ecs_600 adb_goodtimes_flourishes_600 adb_goodtimes_frames_600 adb_goodtimes_glstyles_600 adb_goodtimes_ppkele_600 adb_goodtimes_ppkppr_600